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Nursery - Products List - Fruit Trees - Mangifera foetida
Mangifera foetida - Horse Mango
Habit and Cultural Information
Category : Fruit Trees
Family : Anacardiaceae (Sumacs, Cashew)
Origin : Thailand (Asia
Flower Color : Red Yellow
Bloomtime : Spring/Fall
Evergreen : Yes
Height : 10-12 feet
Width : 8-12 feet
Exposure : Full Sun
Irrigation Req. : Medium Water Needs
Transcends from green, yellow, orange, and finally red. Large and varies greatly in taste with oxidation. Cultivators often require very minimal insecticides to grow large batches. Because of its 2 millimeter peal, prolong oxidation can be applied if the recipient of this delicious fruit desires a sweeter taste. Grows especially well in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, California.