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Nursery - Products List - Fruit Trees - Fortunella spp
Fortunella spp - Kumquat/ Meiwa Kumquat
Habit and Cultural Information
Category : Fruit Trees
Family : Rutaceae (Citrus)
Origin : China (Asia)
Flower Color : Orange
Bloomtime : Winter/Spring
Evergreen : Yes
Height : 4-6 feet
Width : 4-6 feet
Exposure : Full Sun
Irrigation Req. : Medium Water Needs
Many varieties exist in China. Currently, a highly pest resistant variety is cultivated in California. This particular California variety is hardy and roots quickly. In Europe, during the late 1800s, Kumquats became highly praised for its high amounts of vitamin C. During those times, an adequate ingestion of kumquats reduce the prevalence of Scurvy. Moreover, grows exceptionally well in any California district. Once established, the specimen is drought-resitant.