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Nursery - Products List - Fruit Trees - Citrus sinensis
Citrus sinensis - Navel Orange
Habit and Cultural Information
Category : Fruit Trees
Family : Rutaceae (Citrus)
Origin : Viet Nam (Asia)
Flower Color : Orange
Bloomtime : Spring/Fall
Evergreen : Yes
Height : 6-8 feet
Width : 6-8 feet
Exposure : Full Sun
Irrigation Req. : Medium Water Needs
Fragrant producing, ornamental when planted in a tropical garden theme, and drought tolerant once established. The massively large seedless oranges is truly the defining characteristic of this lovely fruit tree. As an owner of the specimen, one can enjoy organic fruits that are said by botanists and medical professionals to have a greater cholesterol reducing effect. The high amounts of vitamin C are also good for reducing the free radicals in the circulation and promoting the stronger formation of tendons and ligaments.