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Nursery - Products List - Fruit Trees - Citrus lemon
Citrus lemon - Eureka Lemon
Habit and Cultural Information
Category : Fruit Trees
Family : Rutaceae (Citrus)
Origin : India (Asia)
Flower Color : Yellow
Bloomtime : Spring/Summer
Evergreen : Yes
Height : 8-10 feet
Width : 8-10 feet
Exposure : Full Sun
Irrigation Req. : Medium Water Needs
The exact manifestation is debated amongst botanists. Currently, the thought is that the Eureka Lemon is actually a hybrid. Its 5% citric acid concentration allow for its unique distinction in the Citrus genus. Its low potential hydrogen (pH) concentration allow for its little irritant properties in the stomach parenchyma. Furthermore, can be grown and appreciated in any district in California. Once established, requires no water.